PAMP Suisse 1oz Gold Bullion Bar

PAMP Suisse 1oz Gold Bullion Bar

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Manufactured by PAMP Suisse, one of the world’s leading independent Precious Metals refiner, this 1oz Gold bar is a favourite among investors. The Roman goddess Fortuna is depicted on these .9999 fine Gold bars, adding beauty on top of their investment appeal.

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Keys Facts To Be Kept In Mind When Renting Safety Deposit Locker

Keys Facts To Be Kept In Mind When Renting Safety Deposit Locker

Safety deposit boxes are commonly provided by banks and financial institutions and can be utilized for a number of items. Many people prefer to keep their important papers like birth certificates, estate papers, passports, and valuable metals in lockers. Those who consider utilizing the safety lockers must be aware of common facts about keeping a locker at bank for putting important stuff related to family, business, and home.

Annual cost:

Safe deposit locker cost around an annual fee of 100 – 1000 Euro and if a bigger box is rented the annual cost would definitely be increased. People who keep huge lockers tend to pay more charges annually.

Make contact with insurance policy provider

When renting a safety deposit box from the bank, one must make contact with an insurance company as the contents of the lockers do not come under the insurance. Make talks with the insurance agent to get the things insured because many times when floods and natural calamities hit the land, banks also get destructed and things lost are not compensated. Therefore, to be on a safe side, get all the things insured when putting them into the safety lockers of banks.

All boxes provided by Shavo Ltd are fully insured by Lloyds of London

Visit your locker before setting out on a journey

People must visit their locker before setting out on a journey or going abroad as many documents might be required overseas. Passports, birth certificates, insurance policy papers, and driving license files must be copied and the originals must be kept in the bank.

Make some authorized to access your account

Many times a person is not available in town and the family needs to access the things from these safe deposit box. For this purpose people are advised to authorize the power to someone they trust at the time of renting a locker so that the authorized person can access the locker in absence of the account holder.

Things to get into the safety locker

safety deposit lockers can be utilized for keeping many kinds of valuables and belongings. Common things to be kept in a locker include medical care files, power of attorney papers, will, deeds, agreements, contracts, stick papers, shares, marriage certificate, family videotapes, photographs, jewels, gold bars, silver coins, precious stones, personal diaries, passports, educational certificates, degrees, medals, trophies, and insurance policy papers. When putting all these things inside a locker, copies should be made to be kept at home for emergency use.

Safety deposit lockers are ideal for people who keep their homes left out all day and there is a risk of burglars to break in as there is no one at the house to keep a check. With lockers, people can get a sigh of relief as they can travel freely without worrying about the precious stuff left at home.

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Why Do We Need Safety Deposit Box?

Why Do We Need Safety Deposit Box?

We may have often heard about the safety deposit boxes, and their services. Actually the increasing concerns about the maintenance of the security of the things of high value have become a great problem around the world and thus more and more individuals are attracting towards the bank safety deposit box for ensuring the basic level security of all the precious things in possession of the people. In this article, we will highlight the main points which have created the need for the safety deposit lockers among the people.

First of all, the individuals cannot hold all their money in liquid or in the gold or bonds form because they may have to leave their house for nay purpose and in their absence the chances of theft or robbery are higher and individuals don’t want to take any sort of risk. In this condition the most feasible option for the individuals are to refer to the bank or other companies for issuing a secure storage, i.e. in the form of safe deposit. The safe deposit lockers are demanded by the individuals on both professional and private level.

Another very important necessity which has popularized the phenomenon of the safety deposit lockers are the record keeping mechanism. The record keeping is such a task which cannot be accomplished by the common individuals. For instance a person with a family of five to six individuals can never maintain the record of the essential documentation and important records of all the family members like the both certificates of children, their investment records, the records of their educational background and the highly personal level property paper which may create serious problems in case of lost or misplaced. The safe deposit box now maintain the record of all these things in the best professional manner. The customers at the time of safety deposit box opening time can have a chat with the authorities about the size of their deposit box as they are available to the customer in different sizes and cost.

The safety deposit lockers are widely accepted by the individuals because they don’t require the individuals to indulge into long procedures as in the traditional bank safe systems. The new and modern safety deposit lockers are issued by the independent financial institutions who have maintained big vaults under which they have arranged different size for the convenience of the customers. The costs of these safety boxes are different on account of their size. Commonly the individuals have to pay yearly for these safety boxes. In the most practical situations, the safety deposit lockers are the security essential of the people if they have to live a peaceful life.